Purpose and accountability in  building your IT excellence

Robert Bocheński and Sławomir Pawlitko, mente’s founders, provide umbrella care over our team’s work. They are the first point of contact and comprehensive advice for our clients. Our leaders also make sure that the right specialists get involved in particular projects.

Sławomir Pawlitko
Co-Founder, IT Systems Expert & Architect, Programmer
Robert Bocheński
Co-Founder, IT Systems Expert & Architect, Programmer

Our values that we will bring to your project

Benefit from mente’s distinctive blend of values, technical expertise, and business acumen.


Together we can develop solutions that will propel your business towards growth and success.

Purpose & Reflection

Proper analysis, understanding of an issue and generating high-value results

Responsibility & Care

Readiness to keep our promises and be accounted for the word we have given.



Accepting constant challenges to provide you with the results that will exceed your expectations


Providing you with ongoing overview of required resources, methodologies, project budget, and clear communication

Robert Bocheński
Co-Founder, IT Systems Expert & Architect, Programmer

Robert is (…) a professional in every detail. (…) Extremely efficient, dedicated, exceptionally knowledgeable and willing to share his experience (…) with keen knowledge and understanding of his business which he gathered in tireless and enthusiastic manner.

(…) Highly inventive (…) doesn’t hesitate to introduce new ideas, tools and methods. (…) Highest-class programmer and team leader, very good problem-solver (…) His empathy and patience makes him a great colleague, who always helps with a smile (…).

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Sławek Pawlitko
Co-Founder, IT Systems Expert & Architect, Programmer

Sławek has (…) an exceptionally perfect sense of combining business requirements with IT solutions. (…) Coolly and rationally analyzes the problem. He can extract what is really important then generalize it and, as a result, design a system that addresses not only the particular requirements of one project but the whole class of issues (…).

Professional; highly experienced; coherent; helpful. You may rely on his best efforts (…). Never loses control in conflict situations.

His knowledge, responsibility, way of thinking, a will to change things which are wrong in pair with critical thinking and risk anticipation makes him one of those experts you trust completely (…).

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