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Is it possible to succeed in engaging a third-party engineer in an ongoing project? Even if your previous experience was disappointing, the answer is: yes! Read our case study to find out how we managed to enrich the client’s team with a highly qualified and communicative specialist that highly contributed to the success of the project.

They needed to improve and automate their services

The client’s goal was to build a platform that would help hotels and holiday apartment owners announce their services to a wider audience. Their business model is based on the commission earned on publishing offers at and other popular booking services. Thanks to their solution, hosts don’t need to bother themselves with complicated integrations but can announce their services on the major platforms at an attractive fare. Although the client was already acquiring customers, they still needed to improve and automate their services. The main disadvantage of the platform was the lack of online payment options that would ensure a proper cash flow and the lack of efficient solutions for booking annulations. To reach the desired profits, they needed to fix it quickly.

They were missing a qualified and trustworthy developer

The client has already designed the entire ecosystem and was ready to start its implementation. The only thing they were missing was a qualified and trustworthy developer able to handle this challenging project. They wanted to hire an external specialist who would become their team member and contribute to their daily work with enthusiasm for teamwork, independence, and readiness to take initiative. As their previous experience with team extension was not satisfying, they were even more determined to find a perfect match – a highly communicative developer that would perfectly blend with their already existing team.

We assigned one of our most competent team members

To make sure that the client will be satisfied with our support, we assigned one of our most trustworthy and competent team members. The specialist joined our team as a Java developer and continued raising her qualifications in various areas of software development and modern technologies. As we knew that she’s extraordinarily flexible and skilled, we decided that she will be a perfect fit for this project. However, despite the high qualifications the project kick-off was still not easy.

She managed to prove her competence and commitment

In the beginning, the client remained skeptical and unsure whether their new team member is capable of completing her task. Moreover, it turned out that their requirements were way different than what they declared. Although they were looking for a back-end specialist, it quickly turned out that they expect much wider competencies. As their ecosystem was pretty complicated, our colleague had to show off her ability to adapt and quickly gain new skills, including learning a new programming language. Although it was challenging at the beginning, she managed to prove her competence and commitment and quickly became a trustworthy team member.

High communication skills and technical expertise broke the ice

Within the first weeks of the ongoing projects, our team member managed to fully blend into the client’s internal team. In contrast to the formerly hired developer, she made excellent use of her communication skills and the ability to write clear and consistent code.

She demonstrated the expertise in working both independently and closely with her new colleagues. Our specialist showed a very good understanding of technology, client’s challenges, and project requirements. As she significantly contributed to the task, the client’s goal was quickly reached and the connections between payments, reservations and support functionalities were developed as required.

We proved that it’s possible to introduce a new team member

In this project, we proved that it is possible to introduce a new member to an already existing team, even when the cooperation is fully remote. A specialist, when they’re well-prepared for their upcoming role and qualified, can quickly understand the requirements, become proactive in gaining knowledge and quickly start to bring value to the project. This is how we managed to gain the client’s full trust and highly contribute to their success in building the desired solution.

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