A revolution in shopping with cryptocurrencies

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Revolution in shopping with cryptocurrencies

Is an appealing vision enough to develop a product? Well, it’s surely a great start, but it’s not yet enough to succeed. Follow the story of how we helped our client to design and deliver a solution that perfectly answers some of the most recent needs of the cryptocurrencies industry.

The client needed a much more down-to-earth concept to succeed

Our client’s mission is to make cryptocurrencies a means of payment that will be easy to use and available to everyone. They came up with an ambition to build a digital tool with which their customers could purchase anything online and pay with cryptocurrencies later processed into regular FIAT currencies. At the moment we entered the project, the client relied only on a proof of concept comprised of some Excel files, a simple website, and their team’s manual work. Their strong vision and enthusiastic approach were valuable driving forces. However, they needed a much more down-to-earth concept for their project to succeed with a wider audience.

Our knowledge and expertise in the topic turned out to be essential

Although the vision was promising and inspiring, we could clearly see that the delivered proof of concept still needed to be verified before further development. We could notice some gaps between the client’s vision and the actual market needs. We still needed to reveal the real opportunities and help them to head in the right direction. In order to develop a truly functional solution, we started by providing the client with more information about the risks, certifications, cryptocurrency-related regulations, and safety. Thanks to our knowledge from previous projects, we were aware of what kind of solutions might be suitable for their challenges. This is how our expertise in the topic turned out to be essential in this project.

As a partner, we felt responsible for the final result

The project’s workflow required a blend of both technology and cryptocurrency-related knowledge. We provided the client with an experienced product owner who, in close cooperation with the client’s team, managed to design and produce a tailor-made solution. We also delivered recommendations and tips on improving particular elements of the product to make it work more efficiently and presented to the client possible options to choose from. As a partner, we felt responsible for the final result – this is why we were openly and proactively sharing our concerns and ideas from the very beginning.

We replaced a set of loose apps with two coherent tools

As a final result of our mutual effort, we developed two applications: one designed for the store’s customers, and the other one for back-office operations. We also delivered a range of integrations with analytical elements, payment gateways, mailing systems, and more. This is how we managed to combine dozens of apps into one coherent tool. Moreover, we prepared the solution for future scaling and ensured the required flexibility in future changes or improvements. We also equipped the product with mandatory security and fraud prevention measures.

We delivered not only proper functionalities but also UX and required efficiency

After 5 months of intensive work, as the final result, we developed a tool prepared to handle transactions in a number of cryptocurrencies. We delivered not only proper functionalities but also ensured the right UX and required efficiency. The client could now handle a significant number of orders and inquiries within a shorter time, which allowed them to scale the platform and team. Moreover, finally, the client was able to present the product to potential partners.

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