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A proof that most software can be fixed with the right dose of knowledge, and experience.

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Turning a non-performing tool into a powerful solution

The conclusion coming from the project is the following: every decision about purchasing external software should always be based on the most careful research. However, there are almost no projects that cannot be fixed with the right dose of knowledge, experience, and a proper attitude.

They were afraid of being left without essential knowledge

The client, a company based in Germany, purchased the software supporting influencer marketing campaigns – contact-making, invoicing, and managing the cooperation. Their goal was to develop it into an impactful solution that would be easy to scale and launch in foreign markets. We got involved in the project to accelerate sharing of knowledge between newly-hired and experienced team members within a short deadline. Moreover, we were expected to provide the client with new insights on opportunities coming from developing the tool and to figure out the best technological ways for its business expansion.

It was impossible to create the tool of their wish without well-planned and strategic support

During our investigation, it quickly turned out that the client had unfortunately purchased the software that had great potential yet even more problems. The system was down frequently and obviously had been created in a chaotic and incoherent development process. With the team having no more than one year of experience in software deployment, it was quite difficult to solve all the challenges. In order to create the tool of their wish, the client needed well-planned and strategic support.

Chaos turned out to be the biggest challenge

We started with preparing a careful and detailed report to provide the client with a full overview of the situation and possible solutions. Chaos turned out to be the biggest challenge. The project had been bootstrapped as a startup idea and was not prepared to expand and operate on a large scale. We could foresee the upcoming struggle with unclear business processes, duplicated code, and debugging issues.

In order to successfully reach the project goals, we needed to help the client to figure out not only the technical, but also the business, model, and identify the areas of potential profits. After defining the expected outcomes, we prepared a schedule to introduce improvements and new (or promised and never developed) features every 2 weeks. Earlier some of the ready features could wait a year to be deployed. We planned to fix search engine indexation and figure out the plan for further expansion.

The tool is now prepared for further development and expansion

Thanks to our plan and its successful execution, the system started to work in a much more stable way and more efficiently after just one month. The end users reached out to the client proactively to provide them with positive feedback about the noticeable system improvements. Fixed search engines started to provide more relevant results and connect influencers with companies much more accurately. Thanks to this, over the course of the next half-year, the client’s earnings were substantial.

Moreover, the important part of the project was training the client’s team. We provided them with best practices and tips on how to manage project development so they can handle potential crises and malfunctions much more confidently. We also managed to reduce the amount of the system code by 60% and ensured that the system could be used efficiently by fewer back-office employees. As a result, the client’s tool was optimized and prepared for further development and expansion.

Thomas Richter
Director of Commerce at Media Elements Group

MEG provides various digital advertising solutions to large clients across the world.

We needed a partner for a long-term partnership to co-develop an existing platform into an ever more complex, yet highly modular system that is scalable and easy to maintain.

We needed senior experts that can work under a high level of uncertainty and within a quickly evolving eco-system. People that always stay calm and pragmatic; and who help us define what we actually need.

The system, over time, grew to contain fraud management and social media/influencer management as well.

It is thanks to Mente that we have the ability to react so fast and provide such customized solutions.

Mente continues to satisfy with their ability to find pragmatic, yet solid and forward-thinking solutions to even the vaguest of requests. Their ability to think with the client is unmatched.

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