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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, as Leonardo da Vinci brilliantly said.

We strive to instill this quality in whatever we do. For this aim we skillfully choose and combine just right practices from different approaches to software development popularly called agile and waterfall.

Expect minimum paperwork and simple documentation. Discover a great balance between consulting and delivering products.


On-demand rapid rescue for failing software projects

Software development projects may require different kinds of support. That depends very much on how advanced and tangled the challenges you experience will have become by the time you reach out for help.

Just as with any disease, at its start, an expert consultation and minor treatment may be enough, e.g. to restore the development pace. After the problems have become multilayered, salvaging a project may entail quite radical interventions. These may involve working on the code base, product strategy, project management and/or the shape of the relationship with the client software team, internal or external.

Time and time again we have seen the benefits of following one’s intuition and reaching out for an early assessment and intervention.

However, do not lose hope, even if the disease seems already advanced and you face the tangible project derailment risk. Contact us with no further delay.

Tell us if you need help here and now.
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Or first read more about our rescue project process

End-to-end bespoke software development

We are here to help you to build a new product. Depending on how strong its business case is, we may start with an MVP with sound foundations for further development.

Or, carry out an extensive process of continuous requirements analysis, selection of technology, programming, tests, quality assurance and implementation.

For the products of our work, Mente provides warranty support and further development. Throughout the process, we are your ally whenever the project needs internal or external sales.

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Project condition evaluation & consulting

Sometimes, for practical or political reasons, a project situation may require a fresh perspective from outside. We choose our diagnostic tools and the audit angle to match your needs.

Our team may take a look deep down into the source code and/or assess the quality of project approach and management, technology, integrations or the third party software choice.

Along with the frank assessment, expect recommendations on possible steps, including whether to continue the project or rather invest in some more promising initiatives.

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Taking over or joining ongoing software projects

You may want to involve a new team in developing (or saving!) an existing product. Our team may take over ongoing projects from earlier suppliers or its members may join our client’s internal team.

We deal with projects of different levels of maturity, both these that have fared well and (more often) those that have not been so lucky.

For the latter ones, the Mente team may carry out quick and effective rescue works (as described above) following a rapid audit.

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Expert supervision of project progress

Mente provides its clients with the missing competences to evaluate the implementation of a project by another supplier

Our experts make sure that these specialists execute the works in accordance with your contract, business assumptions and schedule, ensuring the quality of the solutions delivered.

If needed, we can work with the supplier on the necessary changes to the project. We strive to build lasting competencies within your team in the process, so that your company is more resilient in the future.

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Integrating complex enterprise systems

Our team skillfully integrates different systems, even new and legacy ones, so that they can work together (e.g. by exchanging information) to realize your aims and objectives.

Such projects often require what we love doing the most, that is problem solving, across systems architecture, interface protocols, etc.

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Optimizing systems and databases

Mente experts first audit slowly operating systems for performance issues within the applications themselves and their databases.

That usually happens once in one-off projects and may be done more frequently in an ongoing software development project, e.g. when the system needs to serve a growing number of users.

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Technologies that may work for you

Tools chosen to make life
easier for you,
not for us.

Our experts gladly combine different tools to take advantage of their strengths and limit the impact of their weak points. With an added pleasure if they are new. However, even standard tools work wonders when properly combined with each other, by the right hands.

We are never slaves to any technology and often help our clients break free, too. However complicated such projects are, we enjoy supporting our clients in exploring the chances that moving past old or mischosen technologies can bring. Because technology should only accelerate the development of your business.


Competences behind the art

Our software
craftsmen skillset.

For an IT project to succeed, a software team requires much more than technologies or hard skills described below.

In our case, the indispensable fuel for the progress comes from our specialists’ intrinsic motivation, commitment and values.

Our communication skills, especially the ability to read between the lines of what happens in the corporate environment, are the glue that keeps it all together.

Executing rescue missions

Our experts can rapidly assess the project situation from different angles, offer honest and direct recommendations, and promptly get involved in a sophisticated rescue mission for your project.

We keep cool, provide support and working solutions in the extreme conditions of chaos, client team’s stress and demotivation, wasted money and past deadlines.

Requirements engineering and business analysis

A software development project should both bring the client close to their business goals, minimize risk and save expenses. With this in mind, we carry out a complete process from feasibility analysis to gathering, specifying and validating business requirements.

Our team supports the client in implementing these requirements. For waterfall projects before the start of the project, and for agile projects – on a continuous basis.

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Software architecture

Software should work for the client now and in the future.

For this aim, we strive to construct the foundation of the system so that it is scalable and flexible, i.e. prepares the ground for further development of the system. While maintaining the field for changing assumptions if business reality flows in a different direction.

Software engineering

Software solutions should be neat inside out. For this goal, we assure clean coding first, and then thorough manual and automatic testing. Thanks to appropriate foundations resulting from the requirement engineering and software architecture, the software development process leads to a tailor-made solution.

If we take over the creation of a product based on the requirements and architecture created by someone else, the development is even more careful to ensure the highest possible quality.

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Blockchain development

Blockchain, when properly used, can truly accelerate your business development.

We understand very well the different spaces where it can be usefully applied, for example, as a basis or part of payment systems.

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