Excellence in your software project

Solid software development and IT consultancy services provided by prime industry experts

Empower your business thanks to technology experts with over 20 years of excellence in custom software development.

Delegate your project to the specialists led by system architects and consultants who had delivered for industry leaders such as Play, T-Mobile, Eurobank, Bankier.pl, Allianz, Home.pl, and others.

Project Rescue, Takeover & Problem-Solving

Are you losing trust in your current supplier? Facing quality and communication issues?
Struggling with delays and increasing costs?

It is our specialty to take over the projects that haven’t been handled by other providers and to apply our expertise to deliver them on time.

What we do:

  • Urgent project takeovers and rescuing the existing systems at any stage of development
  • Immediate consultancy, problem diagnosis, and solving your problem in the easiest and most cost-efficient way
  • Optimizing your workload, infrastructure, budget, and task prioritization
  • Advanced R&D, technical analysis and accurate technology selection
  • Structuring, analyzing, optimizing and standardizing your key business processes
  • Modernizing your organization with the latest technologies to help you gain competitive advantage
  • Reducing technical debt and preventing it in both new and already ongoing projects.”

Custom Software Development & Digital Transformation

Structured, clear, and optimized software development process

Create a top-notch product from scratch or modernize your existing web solutions with the help of technology experts.

Let us boost your project with automation, code streamlining, and business process optimization and outshine your competitors.

What we do:

  • Designing your project’s architecture and selecting the right technologies based on your needs and resources
  • Finding the balance between cost and quality and ensuring easy and cost-efficient product maintenance
  • Proactive and independent performance without your supervision while treating your budget like our own
  • Introducing automation to minimize the costs of back-office operations
  • Fueling your team with new competences thanks to consultancy, education, and mentoring
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MVP Scoping Sessions & Development

Optimal business & technology-oriented approach

Build a fully functional and optimized MVP and get ready to reach out to your audience.

Thanks to Scoping Sessions with mente, you will shape your vision, select the right technologies, define the necessary budget, and benefit from the balance between quality and costs.

What we do:

  • Building functional MVP according to its purpose and selecting the right technology stack
  • Minimizing the costs of development and maintenance and ensuring short time-to-market
  • Improving the development of already existing solutions and performing smooth integrations with other systems
  • Careful resource distribution optimized to the limited budget
  • Pointing out potential risks based on our experience, especially from rescue and takeover projects
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IT Consultations

Great understanding of business and technology

Benefit from the help and expertise of our founders and leaders and solve your software development challenges quickly and cost-effective.

Reduce your technical debt and maximize efficiency via our best practices related to:

  • workshops & research
  • the feasibility study
  • product and R&D strategy
  • and IT architecture

What we do:

  • Taking over projects at any stage and fixing them with proven, reliable, and durable solutions
  • Solid business analysis combined with technical, financial, and feasibility assessment
  • Immediate consultancy, problem diagnosis, advisory, and reaching for low-hanging fruits
  • Predicting risks and future development needs thanks to our experience in development and rescue projects
  • Identifying bottlenecks and ideas for process optimization, standardization, and resource utilization
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Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Web3

Advisory and implementation of the most modern technologies

Empower your business with blockchain and benefit from improved architecture and business processes, optimized resource utilization, and transparency of information.

Reach out to us for advisory and delivery in Web3, smart contract, and cross-chain technologies to transform your solutions in finance, insurance, energy, real estate, healthcare, logistics, entertainment, or other industries.

What we do:

  • Providing blockchain advisory based on practical experience and extensive research
  • Planning, designing & developing scalable and robust blockchain ecosystems, and products, such as:
    • smart contracts within private and public domains (eVM networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smartchain, Hyper Ledger Fabric, zkSync, Near protocol, and others)
    • dApps (decentralized apps)
    • Crypto Wallets (crypto wallet applications and services)
    • decentralized platforms for NFTs, bridges, DEX (decentralized exchanges), tokens, metaverse and dApps, crypto banks, DAOs (decentralized organisations)
  • Sharing knowledge of blockchain opportunities and their influence on your business processes
  • Matching the technology to the specifics of the project and its objectives
  • Performing Integrations, optimization, and maintenance throughout the product life cycle
  • Implementing security-first approach, advanced encryption technologies and fraud prevention measures
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Here’s how we have transformed our clients’ businesses

We approach each client and their project on an individual basis, tailoring our services to meet their specific needs and requirements. Our team aims to provide personalized solutions and exceptional results that surpass our clients’ expectations.

mobilcom debitel / Freenet
mobilcom debitel / Freenet

We are very happy to have Mente as an external service provider. Mente has been a professional and friendly partner.

The team has worked in a quick, creative, and flexible way and they have proved to be able to focus on what is really necessary.

Mente’s help has been truly appreciated and we recommend their team to anyone who needs a reliable, caring and knowledgeable IT partner.

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