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Risk detection and advisory

How to act when you have to handle a challenging project, but all you have are only tiny pieces of information? Obviously, it requires a holistic and proactive attitude to problem-solving, and vast experience in analyzing the big picture. Let’s have a look at how we managed to complete the project with unclear goals and objectives.

Another software house didn’t manage to complete the task

Our client, a software house involved in cooperation with legal companies, intended to delegate a part of their project to an external partner. Their previous partner failed to deliver the expected results. Their client’s goal was to develop a proof of concept of an application that would integrate small legal firms with the APIs of Polish courts in order to improve the flow of documents through e-deliveries. The deadline was tight - as the project was funded with a grant, any delay would cause severe legal consequences for the parties.

Within the first two weeks, we managed to solve the most burning problems

Promptly after taking over the project, we shared our concerns about outdated technologies and incomplete documentation of the system. However, we did not hesitate to kick off with the development of new, essential features in line with the application architecture. This allowed the client to prove the progress in the project to the investor, and maintain their reputation. Within the first two weeks, we not only managed to solve the most burning problems but also to plan the workload and next stages of development. We also highlighted our concerns related to data security and shared our recommendations on how to avoid leakages. Thanks to our proactivity and predictions, we mitigated a number of risks and got prepared for handling potential bottlenecks.

With our experience, we already knew how to ask the right questions

The next stages of the project development process revealed that there were a few more major challenges. One of them were unexpected changes in the court API that influenced its functionality. The others were drawbacks in the documents’ flow and circulation. Luckily, with our experience in solving such issues, we already knew how to ask the client the right question in order to head in the right direction. We quickly solved non-working API elements, managed the integration with the court API, created the module for e-delivery, improved the visual and usability side of the application, and fixed some bugs. We also implemented solutions based on Machine Learning, so the system could learn and recognize various types of content.

They appreciated that we tried to prevent unnecessary costs

Our client was satisfied with the fact that we were searching for ways for completing tasks easier, faster, and more efficiently. They also appreciated that we tried to avoid unnecessary costs. As in other projects, our team has proved that we are capable of detecting and minimizing risks, understand the online environment deeply, and willingly share our ideas, concerns, and tips. Now that the proof of concept has been completed, the client is determined to transform it into a fully functional solution that can be presented to the audience and scaled.

Radoslaw Nagay
CEO of Panopticum / VRR

The efficiency of Mente's work has been amazing. The solutions they proposed and delivered were right on target, which saved us a lot of time.

We received highly professional support while completing the project. At all stages, Mente searched for the simplest and most cost-effective solutions that would both work long-term and allow for scaling the system.

Their team has high-end architects on board who have offered us unconventional solutions to perfectly adapt to our client's needs. Also, they are problem-solvers who pinpoint the root causes of different challenges and address them in a fast, effective way.

They know how to use their awareness of numerous factors to successfully deliver the project.

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